Support our Children’s Education  #NEG22

Your GIFT creates real IMPACT! 

Alfie (not his real name) is a 4-year-old student from Canossaville Preschool (CPS). At CPS he receives early intervention to manage his hearing loss. Being in CPS also  enables both his parents to work and support their family of 9, but they struggle to send him to school regularly due to their busy work schedules.  

Thanks to the support from our partners and donors, Canossaville was able to subsidise Alfie’s fees and arranged for him to come to CPS on the school bus. We also arranged for his family to benefit from our regular care pack distributions, providing them with food and daily necessities to ease their burden. Thanks to his improved attendance, Alfie has shown great improvement in managing his hearing loss. He is more vocal and has learnt sign language to aid his communication with others.  

Your donations will enable us to continue supporting children like Alfie and his family. Thank you for being a Never-Ending Gift to our children and families! 


This is part of Canossaville’s 81st Anniversary campaign, The Never-Ending Gift 2022, where all donations are matched dollar for dollar by the Singapore Government and Tote Board up to a maximum cap of $250,000 per charity.