Neam Cing – Making A Difference, One Child At A Time #NEG22

Meet Neam Cing, a Senior Teacher in Canossaville Student Care (CSC). In her 10 years as a student care teacher, she has encountered students from a variety of backgrounds, and learnt to care for each one of them.

One child stood out for her after all these years. Rose (not her real name) attended student care throughout primary school and was indifferent towards learning. Despite the difficulties faced in getting through to Rose, Neam Cing did not give up and ensured that Rose was cared for and attended to. Eventually, Rose graduated and left the student care.

To Neam Cing’s surprise, Rose came back year after year on Teacher’s Day to visit Neam Cing and to express her appreciation and gratitude. It was then when Neam Cing realised that every action, though perhaps initially unreciprocated, was appreciated and remembered.

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This is part of Canossaville’s 81st Anniversary campaign, The Never-Ending Gift 2022, where all donations are matched dollar for dollar by the Singapore Government and Tote Board up to a maximum cap of $250,000 per charity.