Regina – Guiding Families Through Difficult Times #NEG22 

Meet Regina, a Social Work Associate with the Canossian Family Care Services (CFCS). Started in 2021, CFCS seeks to better serve the community by focusing on the holistic wellbeing of families, especially their mental and emotional health. 

In her work with CFCS, Regina was assigned to Aaron (not his real name), a student with hearing loss in Canossaville Preschool, and his family. Aaron’s teachers had indicated that he had poor attendance at school. Upon speaking to his mother, Regina realised that his poor attendance was only a symptom of underlying problems. Aaron’s mother shared that the family was facing multiple stressors, such as the lack of caregiving help for her nine children, a lack of consistent employment, and financial pressures from accrued arrears from household and medical bills. Regina sought to help Aaron and his family by dealing with the stressors one at a time. 

In the short time that Regina has been working with Aaron, he has shown great progress in managing his hearing loss thanks to his improved attendance in school. 

Your donations enable the work of our staff as Never-Ending Gifts to the children and their families under our care! Thank you! 


This is part of Canossaville’s 81st Anniversary campaign, The Never-Ending Gift 2022, where all donations are matched dollar for dollar by the Singapore Government and Tote Board up to a maximum cap of $250,000 per charity.