Sheryl – Support Early Intervention for Children with Hearing Loss #SOG22

Meet Sheryl (not her real name), a 4-year-old student from Canossaville Preschool (CPS). She was diagnosed with bilateral hearing loss at birth and fitted with cochlear implants, a small electronic device that electrically stimulates the cochlear nerve to help her improve her ability to hear.

Prior to attending CPS, Sheryl spoke mostly Mandarin at home. She had very little exposure to English, thereby struggling a lot to understand what was going on in her previous school. Her parents transferred her to CPS, hoping for her to pick up the language and be more proficient in it.

Canossaville offers holistic support for children with hearing loss like Sheryl through the Early Intervention and various therapies on-site. Thanks to our team of educators and therapists, Sheryl is now able to express herself in English using short sentences and participates actively in her class discussions.

Your donations will enable us to positively impact the lives of children like Sheryl and her family. Thank you for supporting us in this Season of Giving!

This is part of Canossaville’s Season of Giving 2022 campaign! Donations shall be eligible for a 40% dollar matching by the Singapore Government and Tote Board up to cap of $250,000 per charity. Every dollar counts towards our work!