Receive A Free Book: My Miracle Ear written by Allysha Asmadi #CSC23

Meet Allysha, a 12-year-old author of My Miracle Ear. This local literary text portrays a young girl who is born with partial hearing loss and is passionate about playing the violin. As a young pre-teen author and her desire to be a medical doctor in the future, Allysha wants to raise the awareness of children with hearing loss and encourage inclusivity for these children; and allow them the opportunity to shine in their own respective talents.

In conjunction with World Hearing Day 2023, Allysha has kindly offered 100 copies of her book to donors who support her campaign for Canossaville Children and Community Services. The proceeds raised will go towards the Canossaville Student Care Programme which will be eligible for a further 40% matching under Tote Board’s Enhanced Fund Raising Programme (EFR).

Receive A Free Book: My Miracle Ear written by Allysha Asmadi #CSC23

Canossaville Student Care is an integrated student care centre serving the needs of primary school-aged students from the Canossian Village. It provides an inclusive environment for playing and learning, supporting both typically developing children and those with hearing loss and learning needs.

Thank you for your donation!

This is a sub campaign that is part of Canossaville Student Care Fund 2023 (#CSC23), set up to support the programs and activities organised by the student care, impacting the lives of over 220 enrolled children. Thanks to the support from Tote Board, your donations to the#CSC23 is eligible for an additional 40% matching!