Help children gain access to the programmes and services they need #CSC23

Meet Sally (not her real name), an 11-year-old student enrolled in Canossaville Student Care.

Sally’s father sadly passed on when she was 10 months old and her mother suffers from clinical depression, rendering her unable to care for Sally. As such she has been living with her grandparents and four cousins in a 2-room flat.

Sally struggles significantly in school and does not have anyone at home to help her with homework and revision. Once the teachers learnt about her situation, they immediately recommended her to attend our Canossaville Student Care, which can provide her with much-needed homework support and structure beyond school hours.

Sally’s aging grandfather is the sole breadwinner and struggles financially to support a large family of 7. Thankfully, our Canossaville Education Fund helps to greatly subsidise her Student Care fees to help ease the burden on the family while still ensuring that Sally receives the help she needs.

Your donations will help provide access for Sally and others like her to programmes like Canossaville Student Care so that they can be empowered to realise their fullest potential.

This is a sub campaign that is part of Canossaville Student Care Fund 2023 (#CSC23), set up to support the programs and activities organised by the student care, impacting the lives of over 220 enrolled children. Thanks to the support from Tote Board, your donations to the#CSC23 is eligible for an additional 40% matching!