A Celebration of Growth and Resilience

Ryan (not his real name) was diagnosed with profound hearing loss in both ears and was fitted with cochlear implants when he was one year old. He began his journey at Canossaville Preschool in July 2019. Over the last four and a half years, Ryan has blossomed from a timid, anxious child into a confident and curious young man with boundless energy.  

Ryan’s parents were determined to give him a fighting chance from the start. They worked closely with teachers, early intervention specialists, and therapists to create a personalised plan to support his development in an inclusive learning environment.

Canossaville embraces a holistic approach of providing mainstream education, early intervention, learning support, and speech therapy, all under one roof. The community of educators and specialists come together to work collaboratively with the family to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment for the child.

Over the years we have witnessed Ryan grow and develop strong foundational skills. His language acquisition and communication abilities improved significantly. In the classroom, teachers employed visual aids, incorporated interactive games, and encouraged peer involvement to enhance Ryan’s social and cognitive development. The positive and inclusive environment fostered by the school community played a vital role in Ryan’s emerging self-confidence. Teachers and classmates embraced Ryan’s uniqueness, creating an inclusive atmosphere where diversity is celebrated. This allowed Ryan to build meaningful connections with his peers, reinforcing his sense of belonging.

Ryan has since graduated from Canossaville Preschool in 2023 and is now beginning his new learning adventure at Canossian School. His journey showcases the incredible progress that can be achieved when parents, educators, and specialists work together to support a child’s unique needs. Ryan’s story is not just one of overcoming challenges but of thriving in an environment that recognizes and celebrates diversity. His achievements have inspired both his school community and those who have been a part of his journey. . Ryan’s confidence, resilience, and zest for learning serve as a beacon for the potential within every child, regardless of their unique circumstances.

Enrolment is Open!

Canossaville Preschool is Catholic mainstream preschool caring for and educating children from 18 months to 6 years old. Amongst our children, we do have pre-schoolers with hearing loss, and this has been a focus area of care within our Canossian Village.

Canossaville Preschool is currently open for enrolment and will be hosting an Open House Event on January 27, 2024. The Open House is an opportunity for parents seeking a faith-based education that aligns with their religious beliefs.

Join us on a journey of discovery at our preschool open house!

Explore vibrant learning spaces, meet passionate educators, and experience the Canossian Brand of Education first hand! Limited spots available.

RSVP by 24 January 2024 via the link below or call 6747 6554