Child Development Unit

Meet our passionate and dedicated team!

The Canossian Child Development Unit (CCDU), housed within Canossaville, is a team of specialists who support the holistic development of the children in the Canossian Village and their families. Being able to offer these services in-house ensures that the children and families who require these services have easy and timely access to them.

The CCDU is also part of the core team for the Canossian Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC).

The team partners with school leaders and teams to serve children and families across the areas of: social work, mental wellness, resilience development, and special needs (hearing loss). 

To empower the lives of those who work with children and families, the CCDU team provides year-round professional development to staff within The Canossian Village as well as those in the wider community.