Project ROTI (Reach Out To Inspire)

It is love which prompts us to see to all spiritual and material needs of others —St Magdalene of Canossa

About Project ROTI

Bread Door Origin

St Magdalene was born in 1774 in Verona, Italy. From young, she had a great love for the marginalised in society. Every day, she would distribute bread to the poor of the city from a side door of her family home. This door was affectionately known as the Bread Door.

Project ROTI (Reach Out To Inspire)

Project ROTI is Canossaville’s response to the urgent needs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 to the families in our care, and the elderly living in the neighbouring MacPherson estate. Following in our Mother Foundress’ footsteps, Canossaville organises more than 10 distributions of essential food and daily necessities to bring relief to these families each year.

Meet Canossaville’s Ambassadors for Project ROTI!

We need YOUR help to fund a care pack

Together with Cha Cha and Ya Ya, we hope to continue reaching out to the families in need and support them through our distributions.

Each care pack cost about $60 and includes daily essentials such as cooking oil, rice, and cereal. Funds are needed for 40 – 150 care packs each distribution.

Should our cause resonate with you, or you know of someone who would like to join Cha Cha and Ya Ya in reaching out to inspire, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through