Season of Giving #SOG22

1 November 2022 to 14 April 2023

Festive Giving with Canossaville

Every year, we all look forward to a special occasion. For some it could be a birthday, for others, a festive season such as Christmas. While we all celebrate these special occasions in our own ways, many also choose to give and share with others who need a little bit more help.

At Canossaville Children and Community Services, our programmes and services are open to our children and their families all year round, with priority given to those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Education is at the core of what we do and our Canossian Circle of Care provides the supporting structure to children through a preschool, after-school care as well as a child development unit.

This can only be made possible with the support of donors like yourself. We advocate for sustainable giving all year round to support all our programmes and services. In reality, donors tend to only donate at the end of the year during the season of giving.

Thank you for remembering us during this season of giving. Your special thoughts warm the hearts of our children and their families under our care.

All donations to the Season of Giving campaign shall be eligible for 40% matching by the Singapore Government and Tote Board up to cap of $250,000 per charity. Every dollar counts towards our work!

All monetary donations are entitled to a 250% tax deduction.

For enquiries, please email us at

Charity Status: Registered
Date of charity registration: 29 June 1987
IPC Period: 1 August 2021 to 31 July 2024

Thanks to the support of Tote Board’s enhanced fund-raising programme, all donations to this campaign are eligible for 40% matching up to a cap of $250,000.

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Looking for other ways to donate?

Meet Sheryl

Meet Sheryl (not her real name), a 4-year-old student from Canossaville Preschool (CPS). She was diagnosed with bilateral hearing loss at birth and fitted with cochlear implants.

Find out how Sheryl received support through your generous donations.

Janiel Mattan Gives Back

Calling all parents and parents-to-be!

In support of SG Cares Giving week 2022, from 1 Nov – 7 Dec 2022, Janiel Mattan will donate $10 with every purchase of their specially curated feeding bundle to Canossaville Children and Community Services.

Each bundle, priced at $40, consist of Suction Squirrel Plate, Bowl, Cup w/ Straw, Bib, and Fork & Spoon set.

Janiel.Mattan is a locally owned and operated online boutique that brings comfortable and super affordable products from children’s apparel to feeding accessories right to diaper Care.

For credit card donations, please donate though


  1. Please issue a cheque made payable to:
    Canossaville Children and Community Services
  2. Please indicate “SOG22” on the back of the cheque
  3. Please indicate your email address/contact number on the back of the cheque
  4. Please mail the cheque to:
    Canossaville Children and Community Services
    1 Sallim Road (Gate 3)
    Singapore 387621

For tax deduction: Please include your full name and NRIC number on the back of the cheque. Alternatively, please email your full name, NRIC number, and a photo of the cheque to