Canossaville Preschool

A nurturing environment where children with different needs are given a great start in life.

Canossaville Preschool is specifically designed for children aged between 18 months to 6 years, including those with mild-to-moderate special needs.  Our full-day and half-day programmes provide rich, play-based learning activities that nurture our children’s physical and emotional development. Our curriculum encourages the child’s natural curiosity and builds their confidence to explore their environment and discover what the world is all about.

Our team recognises that each child is an individual with unique strengths, needs and talents. Children develop empathy and respect for others through our inclusive approach; and we foster their independence and well-being by encouraging self-help skills, regular physical activity and healthy eating. Our children are surrounded with kindness, love and compassion so they feel secure and happy in our care.

Canossaville Preschool also enables children with special needs to transition more effectively from preschool to primary school through the shared management and co-location of the Canossa Convent Primary School and the Canossian School (for those with hearing loss) in the same complex.

We believe that all children are precious gifts from God, and our mission is to develop them into confident individuals with a passion for learning, and living the Canossian values of compassion with respect for other people, nature and the environment.

Our guiding principles

An Inclusive Learning Environment

Inclusion is the practice of educating and involving children with special needs in classroom and everyday activities with their mainstream peers. Canossaville offers all children – regardless of their ability level – equal opportunities to receive the most beneficial academic, social and life skills necessary for their future success.

Inclusion fosters leadership qualities in children and creates opportunities for positive peer support and encouragement. The inclusive preschool setting benefits all children as it models diversity and compassion, teaches that everyone has strengths and weaknesses and embraces the meaning of true friendship. Our inclusive approach recognises the individual potential of each child and:

  • Nurtures in them the Canossian values of compassion and ‘formation of the heart’;
  • Gives children the opportunity to learn and discover at a pace comfortable for them;
  • Provides a high quality educational programme that ensures children transition to primary school as confident and capable learners;
  • Collaborates actively with our primary school and student care partners to provide the right services from a wide range of professional experts; and
  • Places a high value on the support of parents and the community in a child’s education.

Our Integrated Approach to Learning

While formation of the heart and character development are at the core of all we do, social awareness, language and literacy, problem-solving skills, motor skills development, aesthetics and visual arts appreciation, music and creative expression, and discovery of the world are fostered through thematic activities and project work.

Our Learning Spaces

At Canossaville Preschool, our inclusive programmes are designed to ensure your child’s learning journey is filled with engaging and fun activities.  Through planned and spontaneous experiences, our teachers work alongside each child to develop fundamental skills and concepts that assist their transition to Primary School.  This time is valuable for teachers to gain an in-depth understanding of each child’s individual development and allows them to plan accordingly.

Our indoor and outdoor spaces are designed to be appealing and practical for children to learn safely, and develop a love and respect for the environment. Teaching materials are developmentally appropriate to support the individual child’s need for movement, concentration, order and independence.

Partnership and Teamwork

Our Canossaville teachers work as a team and collaborate with parents and child development specialists to ensure children receive the most appropriate support and intervention for their needs. We also encourage parents to meet with the teachers to share their knowledge of their child, and to be involved as parent-helpers for the various educational tours and activities organised for the children.

Understanding Each Child’s Learning Needs

Through their close interaction and ongoing assessment of the children, our teachers tailor Individualised Education Plans for children with diverse needs. These customised plans enrich their learning experiences and development. Children are supported to explore and discover their surroundings, relate to and interact with people and the world around them, engage all their senses and confidently take charge of their learning.

This way, learning is made meaningful and applicable to real life, allowing the children to make deep connections with the world around them.

Our programmes

At Canossaville Preschool, our children are given a great start in life with programmes designed to nurture their all-round development as they progress through the different levels from Playgroup to K2. We empower our children to become confident and independent lifelong learners by providing an engaging learning environment with encouragement, guidance and support from teachers to develop to their full potential.

Our holistic curriculum integrates Canossian character development with academic development, and is delivered in the groups and levels shown below:

Age GroupLevel
18 – 24 monthsPlaygroup
2 – 3 yearsNursery One
3 – 4 yearsNursery Two
4 – 5 yearsKindergarten One
5 – 6 yearsKindergarten Two


Playgroup – for children aged 18 to 24 months

This is where the child’s learning journey begins. At this stage of their holistic development, the activities are focused on developing the child’s gross motor and basic fine motor skills; emotional security and social awareness. The foundation for language skills and bilingualism in English and Mandarin is formed through stories and songs and sensory-rich experiences.

Nursery One & Two – for children aged 2 to 4 years

The activities in these stages are designed to further enhance the child’s gross and fine motor development, balance and coordination. There will be a strong focus on social skills and functional literacy in English and Mandarin – both listening and speaking. In addition, exposure to creative and aesthetic expression through drama, music and art will strengthen the child’s self-confidence, positive self-esteem and interpersonal skills.

Kindergarten One & Two – for children aged 4 to 6 years

At this level, the programme is tailored to improve the child’s physical abilities, develop their understanding of key concepts in mathematics and science; enhance their problem-solving and adaptive skills; and develop their musical and artistic expression. There will also be a strong emphasis on nurturing their character and values, respect for others and diversity, social responsibility and care for the environment. By this stage, the child’s resilience, creativity and passion for learning will be sufficiently formed to enable their successful transition to primary school.


ProgrammeDurationMonthly FeeOne Time Registration Fee Deposit
PlaygroupHalf DayS$950S$200S$950
PlaygroupFull DayS$1,250S$200S$1,250
Nursery One to Kindergarten TwoHalf DayS$850S$200S$850
Nursery One to Kindergarten TwoFull DayS$1,100S$200S$1,100


One Time Registration Fee and Deposit

At the time of registration, a deposit of one month’s fees and the registration fee is required. Please note that this is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Other Charges and Payments

From time to time, there will also be costs for uniforms and PE attire, a child’s mattress and cover, as well as for additional learning resources and materials. A list of these can be provided at the time of registration.


For enquiries on enrolment or to schedule a school visit, you are welcome to call or email us:

Tel: 6747 6554 / 6747 5122