Canossaville Student Care

A conducive environment for learning & play.




At Canossaville Student Care, we are not just another after school care centre for students.

As a Canossian organisation, we recognise the uniqueness of each child and offer a variety of programmes to meet the needs of the individual. While there will be time allocated for the students to complete their homework, enrichment programmes and a unique curriculum are in place to nurture wholesome persons who are curious, confident, collaborative and compassionate. Under our Formation of the Heart programme, our students learn to “live from within” and move from the heart to love and serve. Above all, the students under our care will be taught values and life skills to prepare them for life.

Available to girls and boys aged between 7 to 12 years old, Canossaville Student Care is open to students from diverse backgrounds. While we remain distinctly Catholic in identity, we welcome persons of all faiths and races. We are also open to receive students with mild to moderate special needs and everyone is treated with respect and dignity.


What we provide

  • Formation of the Heart Programme

    To promote deep respect for the dignity and uniqueness of the individual person in each child

  • Structured Time

    For completion of homework

  • Lunch and Tea

  • Varied Enrichment Programmes

    Cooking, baking, needlework, art & craft, music, financial literacy, health and nutrition

  • Free play and brain-based fitness programme

  • Holiday Programmes


Student Care Fee (per month)School Holiday Surcharge (per week)Resource & Material Fee (per year)One Time Registration Fee Deposit


One Time Registration Fee

The one time registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.


A deposit equivalent to a month’s student care fee is required and must be paid upon registration.

School Holiday Surcharge

Applicable for one or more days of attendance during school holidays. Exemption of surcharge may be considered if gross total income of both parents is S$4000.00 per month or lower.

Resource & Material Fee

To be paid annually together with the January fees, OR prorated by month to end of year, if enrolment is after January.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available to eligible students. Please check the Ministry of Social and Family Development guidelines here for eligibility.

Contact Information

For the safety of the children, parents/guardians are not allowed into the classroom premises.

Please call the teachers at the following numbers and wait for your child at the waiting area. Please approach the office if you are unable to contact the teachers.

ClassClass PhoneTeacher’s Work Phone
Primary 1 SHINE6812163586802032
Primary 1 STARS6812069681303515
Primary 26812068281428785
Primary 36812068381428729
Primary 46812068494999857
Primary 56812069581158947
Primary 66812068381428759


You can download the Student Care fact sheet for more information here. For enquiries related to enrolment, please contact our Administrative Executive at 6812 1648 or