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About us

Canossaville Student Care welcomes students aged between 7 to 12 years old and is open to students from all backgrounds. Priority is given to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents from Canossa Catholic Primary School and Canossian School.

As a Canossian organisation, we recognise the uniqueness of each child and offer a variety of programmes to meet the needs of the individual. Our students learn to “live from within” and move from the heart to love and to serve. Above all, the students under our care will be taught the Canossian values of Charity, Humility, Forgiveness, and Faith.


Lunch and Tea

Canossaville Student Care provides well-balanced and nutritional meals for our students. We encourage students to enjoy the healthy meals we provide unless they have been excused for religious or health reasons. Our daily lunch and tea menu follows the Health Promotion Board’s recommendations of eating a well-balanced meal with the correct portions for different food groups.

Enrichment Programmes

At Canossaville, our enrichment programmes support your child’s learning needs as well as nurture a positive learning attitude. Our programmes include strengthening their Math and literacy foundation as well as giving them a wide range of experiences beyond the timetabled curriculum where we aim to prepare our students with skillsets for independent living in the 21st century – we also have a well equipped kitchen where our children learn basic baking and home economics.

Values Education

Canossian values of Charity, Humility, Forgiveness, and Faith are reinforced all year round in a practical and fun way through our very own signature programme, the Canossian Care Curriculum.

Homework Supervision

Our students are assisted with their homework by Student Care Teachers and Volunteers. Students are also provided with support specific to their academic needs.

Academic Support

We provide pull-out sessions with our Chinese specialist for students who are weak in this area.

Creative Arts

We take on a unique learning approach that encourages children to think out of the box. Our children are given the opportunity to develop artistic knowledge and express themselves through a range of media, forms, and expressions such as acrylic, oil pastels, decoupage, and watercolour.

Uniquely Canossian

Our Canossian Circle of Care is an organised collaborative effort to enhance the well-being of our students and families throughout their years with us as Canossians. It provides an avenue to address or redress the social, emotional, educational and financial needs of our students and their families. We are a hub to educate, advocate, and connect, paving the way for a smooth transition between preschool, primary/special school and beyond. We see ourselves as a provider of services and programmes to meet the needs that are unmet by the community.
From 2020, we initiated our very own signature programme, the Canossian Care Curriculum (CCC). The cornerstone of the CCC is based on Canossian Values of Charity, Humility, Forgiveness, and Faith, with the purpose of nurturing the Thinker, forming the Heart, and empowering the Life of our students. At Canossaville Student Care, we reinforce these values through interdisciplinary approaches. Our teachers are equipped with the necessary competences, skills and tools to carry out the programme developed by our in-house curriculum developers.
The Student Care is supported by Canossian Child Development Unit (CCDU), which comprises of a team of allied health professionals. The scope of work includes teacher training, positive behaviour intervention and support, counselling, and speech, occupational, and art therapy. Our students get immediate assistance when they need help in facing challenging situations.
Another uniqueness of Canossaville is our Pastoral Care programme, which goes beyond our students to their families. By building bonds with parents and caregivers, we recognise the importance of the family unit in inculcating positive attitudes of our students towards school and their learning. Our students also benefit from the Faith Formation Programme conducted monthly by our Canossian Sisters.

Our Testimonials

Since entering Student Care, there has been an improvement in Brendan’s social skills. It has given him the opportunity to mix and interact with other kids at a level he is not able to at school.

With CSC being in the same “village” as Canossa Catholic Primary School (CCPS), as parents we are assured that our child will be safely handed over from CCPS to Canossaville Student Care. The environment is safe and clean and the teachers are attentive and caring. They have provided constructive feedback to Brendan and this helps him on his learning journey.

Paul Henry

Since joining Canossaville Student Care, my child readily volunteers to help with chores at home, like washing the dishes and cleaning the table after meals. She shares with me that she does this at the Student Care too.

I like that there is prayer time for the children as it is a reminder for my child to turn to God. Teachers at Canossaville Student Care are responsible and firm with the children as well as caring towards them. They are also responsive to my feedback. I have also observed that there is some interaction between the different age-groups and that the children are generally happy and cooperative with one another.

Clare Cham

Community Partnership

Canossaville Student Care actively engages with the other sectors in the Village as well as the wider community, providing the students in our care with the opportunity not only to learn from various partner organisations but also to serve the community within their own capacity as well.

For enquiries related to enrolment, please contact us

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Student Care Manager

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Administrative Executive

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